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Policies for the accommodation of your pet.

  • A maximum of two pets per room is allowed, with a charge upon check-in of $ 220.- pesos per day in the case of a pet or $ 290.- in the case of two.
  • Each owner is responsible for the actions and care of their pet. In case the pet generates any damage or extensive cleaning is necessary beyond the normal cleaning process; additional charges will be made for which a deposit of $ 500.- pesos per stay is requested in addition to the daily charge.
  • Animals that pose a risk to health or safety can not remain on hotel premises. Those that, at the discretion of our staff, can cause damage to our property or that of other guests are included. The same those who are not adequately cared for or who demonstrate unjustified aggressiveness.
  • So that your maid can perform the daily cleaning service, it is necessary for pets to leave or be out of the room.
  • Pets can stay alone in the Suite as long as they remain inside their carrier or cage. Upon receipt of two complaints of noise or disturbance, we will ask the guest to make alternative arrangements for your pet.
  • Every owner of a pet staying at our hotel must leave a mobile phone number to be able to locate him in his absence. In case of not being able to contact you, the hotel staff is authorized to take your pet to the Doggy Park area, where you can always remain under the responsibility of the owner.
  • Pets can walk through the hotel facilities always under their supervision and will be the responsibility of each owner, pick up the waste of the same and deposit the closed bags in the containers.
  • The entrance of pets to the pool and its surroundings is prohibited.
  • If you do not comply with any of the above guidelines, we will need to request the eviction of the pets from the property without reimbursement.